Download Picasa and edit your photos

When you open Picasa it will automagically scan your computer for pictures, organizing them into assorted albums by date. This means you can easily find photos on your computer without having to look through lots of files and folders. The application lets you perform all of the basic photo-editing functions such as cropping, playing around with colour and light, as well as an excellent red-eye tool. There are also great effects that you can apply to give photographs a totally new tone. Working with all photographic file-formats, Picasa also lets you work with video. Users can even create snaps from film, as well as collages.


Picasa is a free application built by Google. It operates as a tool that can find and transfer photographs to its interface from all areas on your computer including portable devices. Moreover the program is designed so users can completely organize their photographic library as well as edit, and share the images in it.

Share photos

Once you install Picasa on your computer, this program provides you with a profile on the Web to post your pictures and share them with family, friends or whoever you want, always respecting the maximum quality of your images. You show everyone those pictures that you love, doing nothing: let Picasa work for you.

View and edit

Picasa has a great user-interface. It's simplistic yet extremely versatile and a series of commands to zoom, rotate and make adjustments, in a few mouse movements, you can see and edit even the smallest detail.

Organize your files

Picasa is able to locate the photos long forgotten about that are stored on your computer. While it is an amazing tool to collate and reorganize all of your photographs, it can also be used to relive old memories.